23 November 2010
Love You Mom

My mother is so special to me, she's more than just a friend.
Whenever I need her, she will always give me a hand.

She loves me, even from when I was a child
even 'til this day and beyond, she said I'll always be wild

She supported me and guided me in all that I tried.
She does what she can to get me through pain, suffering and cries.

Times, the good and the bad, she helped me through it all.
She had confidence and believed in me and told me to stand tall.

She helped me through my struggles in life when my father wasn't there,
Whenever I needed her, she was always there

My mom is the greatest person I know, God made my mother special you see,
there's nothing in this world that she wouldn't do for me.

She helps me to succeed even when it wasn't an option, she does all that she can,
raising a young boy into a man.

To you mom, I want to say thank you for all that you do,
and most importantly.... I love you.

By : Luciola Ebertha Jovita (Ayutiawati Notokusumo)