To all my muslim sisters...

12 December 2010
Ya Allah, please give these girls the intellegence to read their Qur'an,
be quiet, and respect others. Please let them fear you and fear your punishments.
Please let them realize that while they are doing these so called harmless things:
talking duriing lectures, not reading their Qur'an, not wearing hijaabs,
they are letting the shaydon overpower them each and everytime they are doing these things.

Ya Allah, give them the strength to send the shaydon away.
Let them pray, day and night, until they can say, truthfully, and proudly,
"I prayed my salat. And I prayed the one before too."
These girls don't understand how serious these things are.
Even if they are little sins, they will eventually lead to big ones.

Ya Allah, I will cry for these girls. I will pray for these girls.
I will love these girls. Because these are my muslim sisters ad I love them dearly.
No matter how much attitude they give me,
or however many times they tell me to get out of their lives,
I love them. Please Allah, send them to the gates of Jannah.