Eating Chocholate

24 September 2011

Many myths about beauty supply. Maybe some have a point, partly, yes just a myth. Here are the myths and facts surrounding the beauty that need to be listened to.

1. Myth: Eating chocolate can cause acne.
Fact: Eating chocolate will not make your skin become acne. Acne is caused by irregular eating patterns and hormonal changes that occur in the body. Most people eat chocolate in order to feel more comfortable in times of stress, remember that chocolate contains similar phenlethylamine amphetanine. These substances can increase the absorption of tryptophan into the brain which produces dopamine.
Impact of dopamine is the show feeling happy and mood improvement. Phenylethylamine is also considered to have aphrodisiac properties that gave rise to a feeling like someone was in love. So this is what stress can actually cause acne.

2. Myth: If you have oily skin, frequent washing with soap
and water.
Fact: Caring for oily skin is relatively more difficult than normal skin. Because oil is attached to the face are more prone to dust and dirt that trigger acne and blackheads. The solution is diligent, industrious clean face. But how clean it is also not arbitrary for the skin is not so irritating. Facial cleaning products – whether they contain alcohol or are not – has a drying function while reducing oil production in facial skin. In fact, oil production actually is a certain degree still is required by the face. So if cleaned too excessive, the oil on the face can indeed be reduced but the effect can cause irritation and skin so there will be other skin cells that participate lifted. Face conditions like this will automatically cause the skin to produce more oil to protect skin.

We recommend that you do not wash face with soap more than 4 times a day. Be sure also to use special soap for oily skin moisturizer and oil levels more balanced. Or you can also combine it with a cleanser for normal skin.

3. Myth: Using wax paper on the face makes the skin oilier.
Fact: The function of wax paper is to absorb excess oil on skin, and the correct use will not make your skin so oily. If you use it, It is too hard pressed to make the dirt and oil on the face become clogged. Consequently may form blackheads, but it will not increase oil levels in the face.

4. Myth: anti-perspirant deodorants that contain can cause breast cancer.
Fact: anti-perspirant deodorants containing aluminum hydroxida usually contain an objective to absorb sweat. Up to now not proven this substance causes cancer, because basically the use of deodorant applied only on the surface only and will not absorb until the deepest layer of skin.

5. Myth: Repeal eyebrows using tweezers can make eye nerve damage.
Fact: In the area of eyebrows eye nerve branches do exist, but it’s pretty deep, so it will not hurt if you lift an eyebrow, as long as done slowly. However, if you’re having problems in the facial nerve is not recommended for repeal.

6. Myth: Dandruff is caused by a dry scalp.
Fact: There is no relationship between the types of dry scalp with dandruff appearance. Dandruff is caused by impaired production of oil, dead skin, stress, and fungal pitirospolum ovale in the scalp is inflamed. The combination of three factors causes dandruff and flaky scalp so dry so impressed.

7. Myth: The process of coloring and curling hair can cause hair loss.
Fact: The main reason of hair loss is nutritional factors and hormonal imbalance. Hair dye products on the market, (both used in the salon or at home), usually equipped with various vitamins and conditioners that will protect hair from damage and prevent a loss.
The mistake often made is coloring or curling too often done so the hair so it is not healthy, dry, dull, and broken. But, this does not make hair fall out so. Similarly, Like if your hair curling process. If done too often it can make hair unhealthy, but it will not make it fall out.

8. Myth: Facials can stimulate the growth of blackheads and acne.
Fact: The purpose is to cleanse facial blackheads and impurities are ‘trapped’ in the pores of the skin. However, if cleaning is not done optimally, a tool used less sterile, and post-treatment was not followed properly, the acne may arise. What often happens is, when blackheads removed, and then the pores so wide open. When the wounds caused by needles or other time facial (which inevitably caused when the facial is done) is not treated properly, it will lead to irritation and cause acne. We recommend facials performed approximately 2 weeks to 1 month once, and after doing so do not be exposed to water for approximately 2 hours.