KATA-KATA BIJAK SAYYIDINA ALI KW. SAYINGS OF HADRAT IMAM ALI Karam Allahu Wajahu (Sayings of 'Amir al Momineen' Hadrat Ali Radi Allahu ta'ala anhu)

22 September 2011
The Beloved Messenger of Allah Salla Allah ta'ala 'alayhi wa Sallam said :
"I am the City of knowledge and Ali is the Gate of the City"

There is no treasure like knowledge.
The realm of knowledge has no bounds.
The chief of talents is knowledge.

Knowledge leads to wisdom, accordingly the educated man is the wise one; riches diminish by expenditure, while knowledge is increased by dissemination.

A wise man needs each day an hour set apart in which to examine his conscience, and measure what he has gained or lost.

The heart is the source of wisdom, with the ear as its channel.
Philosophy is a, tree growing in the heart, and bearing its fruit on the tongue.

Belief and wisdom are twin brothers; Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala accepts not the one without the other.

While you live you die. Each breath of a man is a step nearer death.

Death awaits every living creature and everything must end.
You are the game that death hunts.
If you stand still, it will seize you;
If you flee, it will overtake you.

Books are the gardens of the learned.

The man of learning lives even after his death.

The ignorant man is dead, while still alive.

The scholar knows an ignorant man, because formerly he was ignorant himself, but the ignorant knows not the scholar, never having been one.

He is very unfortunate who cannot in his life-time gain a few sincere friends and sympathisers and more unfortunate is the one who has gained them and then to have lost them (through his deeds).
There is no greater wealth than wisdom,
No greater poverty than ignorance,
No greater heritage than culture,
And no greater friend and helpmate than consultation.

The strongest man is he who can fight against himself.

The strongest man is he who can make his reason conquers his passions.

Protect your wealth by means of Zakat.

Cure your sick through offering of Alms and destroy difficulties and dangers through prayers.
One without pity for others will never be pitied.

Whoever has compassion upon orphans, will see his own children treated kindly.

There is no better means of prolongation of life than Sadaqah (alms) and there is no better thing than prayers for emancipation from evils. There is no better method of making human beings look venerable than by good manners and there is no better remedy than repentance for the forgiveness of sins. Beware that Sadqah (Alms) is a curtain between oneself and the fire of hell and is an easy medium for the Pool-e-Serat and is a protection from punishment.

Treat people in such a way and live amongst them in such a manner that if you die they weep over you and if you are alive they crave for your company.

I recommend five things to you, the attainment of which will be worth any amount of hardship: Not to expect anything from anyone but from God; not to fear anything but your sins; not to be ashamed to say, ‘I do not know’, when asked about something you are not aware of; not to be ashamed of learning a thing you do not know. Ever preserve the virtue of patience, for patience in relation to 'Eeman' (Faith) is like the head in relation to the body. And there is no good in a body which has no head, neither in 'Eeman' which has no patience.

He who understands Divine Greatness never boasts.

A sincere friend is sincere even in hardships.

Do not envy the glory and magnificence of others, let not pride and grandeur of this world puff you, nor let sorrow over its wickedness and poverty depress you; for, all glory and magnificence shall fade, all worldly bliss pass away and all evil and poverty surely end, as we shall ourselves pass away.

Humbleness and prostration bring nearness to God.

God the Almighty selected us from His Creation and selected for us our followers who assist us. They are pleased when we are pleased and are sorrowful in our sorrows. They give up their lives and property for our cause. Therefore they are ours and will be with us in Paradise.

If you believe in God, abstain from forbidden things, then you will be saved from all evils. If you please God, God will also please you.

Simplest way of attaining GodÂ’s mercy is to be good to all humanity.

The descendants of the Beloved Prophet (Peace and Blessings upon him) are his Confidants, the Shelter of his commands, the Trustees of his knowledge, the Stronghold of the Qur'an and the Mountains of his Faith.

It was his firm belief that a ruler should rule not to please himself but to bring happiness to the ruled. And it was on the basis of this principle that he laid down rules for his people to carry out.
You must develop in yourself, kindness and love for your subjects. Do not behave with them as if you were a ferocious beast.

Muslims and non-Muslims should be treated alike. Muslims are your brothers and non-Muslims are human beings just like you.

Do not feel ashamed to forgive. Do not, be hasty with punishment. Do not quickly lose your temper over mistakes and failures of those over whom you rule. Anger and desire for vengeance are not going to be of much use to you in administration.

Do not allow favouritism and nepotism to force you to violate your duties to God and man, and drive you towards tyranny and oppression.

While selecting officers take care that you do not select such persons as have served tyrannical and oppressive rulers and have been responsible for atrocities and savage cruelties.

Select honest and kind persons as your advisers and from amongst them prefer those who speak out the bitter truth to you unreservedly without fear or favour.

Appointments in the first place must be on probation.

Keep your officers well paid so that they may not be tempted to practice corruption or misappropriation.

Appoint confidential officers secretly to watch the activities of your officers and staff and report to you about their behavior.

Your secretaries should be the cream of your civil, judicial or military service. Choose the best among them irrespective of age or period of service.

All letters or applications should be dealt with by the officers and replies or orders about them should be drafted by them only. No subordinate must be allowed to be the eyes and the mind of these officers.

Let your subjects into your confidence and make them feel that you are their well-wisher and friend.

Never break a promise or go against the terms of a treaty. It is a sin against God.

You must take care of your traders but should never allow them to resort to hoarding, black-marketing and profiteering.

Help handicraft; it reduces poverty and raises the standard of life.

Agriculturists are assets to the state and should be protected.

Remember that your sacred duty is to look after the poor, disabled and the orphans. Let not your officers humiliate them, ill-treat them or oppress them. Help them, protect them and let them approach you whenever they are in need of your help.

Avoid bloodshed; do not kill anybody unless he deserves to be killed according to the Canons of Islam.