The Conduct of the Believers!

17 December 2011


    The Prophet (P), said: “The faith of a believer is not absolute unless 
he has 103 qualities in his action, deed, intention, exterior, and interior. The commander of the faithful (AS)  
asked him then what are they? He replied: O! Ali, a believer:

1. Is deep and dynamic in thinking, innately addresses God, extremely knowledgeable, exceedingly tolerant.

2. Is relaxed in dispute, open-minded in retreat, the most good- hearted and the utmost self-effacing of people. 

3. Smiles not laughs…Socializes to learn… Alerts the inattentive, and teaches the ignorant.

4. Doesn’t harm who hurts him or  meddle in needless affairs nor  rejoice a misfortune.

5. Doesn’t backbite others…Is innocent of illegal behavior, and avoids ambiguity.

6. Is very generous, harmless, an aid to strangers, and father to orphans.

7. Shows happiness on his face… Keeps sorrows at heart and is happy with his need for God. 

8. Is sweeter than honey and harder than granite… Maintains secrets and not discloses privacies.

9. Has pleasant manners, nice appearance…Worships much, and is remarkably decent.

10. Is Lenient, quiet for long and considerate if was not deliberately discredited.

11. Is patient with whoever offended him… Respects the elderly and sympathizes with children.

12. Is entrusted on trusts, afar from treason, entwined with holiness and sworn to modesty.

13. Is very cautious, least at fault…Behaves politely and has exceptional speech.

14. Pardons blunders…Explores not shortcomings…Is honorable and patient, content and grateful.

15. Talks little…Is honest, benevolent and privileged.

16. Is forbearing, friendly, virtuous, upright…Does not curse or lie.

17. He neither backbites or swears nor is envious or stingy but cheerful and joyous.

18. Is neither sensitive nor inquisitive…Chooses the pinnacle of affairs and the finest of ethics.

19. Is protected by God… Supported by His Will…Powerful as well as compassionate.

20. Comes to a decision in absolute faith…Doesn’t oppress whom he detests…Doesn’t sin because of his loved ones.

21. Is perseverant  in catastrophes…Does not intimidate nor  harm… Does not indulge in his desires.

22. Poverty (need of God)  is his logo…Persistence  is his cloak…Needs little…Helps a lot.

23. Fasts amply…Is awake for long (in worship)…Sleeps less…Has a devout heart…Has pure knowledge.

24. Forgives when powerful…Fulfills his promises…Fasts willingly… Prays for fear of God. 

25. Excels when working  as if God watching him…Casts his look… Hands down graciously.

26. Does not decline the impoverished… Is not covetous of the prosperous…Meets with his brothers...Is always involved  in charity. 

27. Chooses his  words and curbs his tongue… Does not get absorbed by his wrath… Does not ruin himself due to his passion.

28. Does not accept falsehood from his friend… Does not reject truthfulness from his enemy… Does not  learn except to know and does not understand except to act. 

29. Feels  no hatred… Appreciates extensively …Works for his living during the day…Cries  for his  misdeeds during the night. 

30. Refuses doubts in his earnings… Does not go after excuses in his religion or worship. 

31.Forgives his brother’s mistake and takes  into account their past friendship.

Translated by: Ms. M. Ziar 

Source: Bihar al-Anwar, vol.67, p. 210