The importance of zikir

08 April 2012


Shaykh Hisham Kabbani spoke on the importance of zikrullah during a majlis zikir at the Naqshbandi KL Zawiyah last Thursday.

At the outset of the discourse, he said we should learn from Prophet Musa a.s. on his humility in submitting to Nabi Khidr a.s. He wanted to follow Khidr but was denied. As an Ulul Azmi, Nabi Musa was bestowed with extraordinary knowledge yet he covered himself and asked to learn from Nabi Khidr. Musa in his greatness humbled himself saying I know nothing, I am a student. But some people among us claim to know everything. Nabi Musa taught us humility. So be a student, be someone who asks for knowledge. You know nothing. Those who don't know, say we don't know. Admit the reality of you not knowing. The Qur'an says, above every knower, there is a knower. Above every level, there is another level.

On the subject of zikrullah, Shaykh Hisham quoted a hadith where Allah said, if my servant mention my name among a group of people, I will mention his name among the angels; and another hadith about a group of people sitting together to make zikir, Allah will send angels to them saying, you may disperse now, go home for Allah has forgiven your sins.

So you decide, do you want to sit in front of the tv or do you want to attend majlis zikir and be forgiven. The reward for one who makes zikir is Al-Jannah.

It was narrated that someone asked for a simple thing to do since he found shari'at to be difficult. He was told to keep his tongue wet with zikrullah.

May Allah save us. This is the way of safety. It's good tiding. You can do it anywhere. Reading the Qur'an is zikir. Reading hadith is zikir. Saying la ilaha illAllah is zikir.

We are a weak servant. We are forgetful. O Lord, assign us angels who would do zikir on our behalf. Know that if you say la ilaha illAllah, Allah will get an angel to make zikir for you until the Day of Judgement. Likewise, if you say Allah...Allah. Zikir of an angel is different from ours. We are sinners. The angels are maksum, they are pure.

May Allah forgive us.
May Allah bless us.
May Allah support us.
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