01 February 2011

Ahadiya - unconditioned unity.
Ahwal - mystical states.
'Aql - reason, Intelligence.
Baqa' - abiding union with God.
Barakah - transferable spiritual power of Saint.
Bast - expansive ecstasy.

Dhawq - taste, personal mystical experience.
Dervish - Persian for Sufi, meaning beggar, (faqir).
Diwan - collection of poems.

Fana' - mystical annihilation of self, union with God.
Faqir - Sufi disciple, dervish. (means poor).

Hijab - veil.
Hikmat-il-Ishraq - doctrine of illumination.

Ikhlas - absolute sincerity.
Al-Insan al-Kamil - the perfect man.

Khalwah - spiritual retreat.
Karamat - Grace, also miracles of saints.
Khanaqah - Sufi lodge.
Khirqah - patched cloak of Sufi.

Mahabbah - love.
Mathnawi - long mystical poem.
Mahfuz - protection of saints from serious sin.
Malak - angelic force.
Maqamat - stages in mystical journey.
Ma'rifah - secret knowledge, gnosis;
Murid - disciple;
Murshid - spiritual guide;

Nafs - lower soul;

Pir - Spiritual Master or guide;

Qalb - heart.
Qutb - pole, axis around which the world revolves, perfected human beings, especially great Sufi Sheikhs;

Ribat - Sufi hospice, training centre.

Sahw - path of sobriety.
Suluk - the spiritual walk.
Shatahat - ecstatic utterances.
Sukr - path of intoxication.
Suhbah - companionship.
Silsilah - chain, spiritual lineage.

Talib - seeker, disciple.
Tawakkul - trust in God.
Tariqah - way, Sufi order.

Uns - mystical intimacy.
Urs - festival celebrating anniversary of Saint's death.

Wahdat al-Wujjud - unity of being.
Wahidiyah - unity in plurality.
Wali - friend of God, saint.

Zawiyah - Sufi hospice.