Using Body Lotion to prevent Dehydration

24 September 2011
Moisture in skin is an important factor in maintaining the collagen and elastin production. Decreasing the number of components of the skin makes the skin dehydrated, so the skin looks dry, dull, sagging, even stained dark.

Choice of three types of moisturizing the skin by following the proper use, you can apply every day for healthy skin and always well groomed.


The packaging is similar to the body spray is usually used to scent the body. The aroma was, not least with the fragrance body spray, because the body there is subtle blend aromatherapy mist. The difference with ordinary spray perfume is the presence of oil content in a certain amount, which serves as a binder of water in the skin so that the oil could prevent the dehydration of the skin as well to rejuvenate the skin.

The best use is when the body in a clean condition after bathing. In the bath, body moisture is reduced because the use of soap thus speeding up the process of absorption of body mist. Levels of lightweight moisturizer that make body mist are best used for normal skin condition and were not experiencing skin problems like stretch marks or wrinkles.


Another type of body lotion is a body lotion. Moisture is content level in the upper body lotion body mist. Therefore, very good to use for your normal to dry skin, not too problematic, and not too often exposed to too extreme temperatures, such as solar heat or air conditioning.

The body lotion also has a fat content which proved to be very good to speed up the regeneration of skin cells.

Do not just choose the product. At first, you must know your skins very well. Similarly, body mist, body lotion is the best use is immediately after bathing. Use the whole body and repeat user each time the skin feels dry.


The three types of moisturizers, body butter highest moisture content. The shape are resembles a thick cream, similar to the form of butter (butter), caused by high fat content.

Body butter is best used to deal with problematic skin, such as extra dry, chapped, and rough. Especially in the area of elbow, knee, heel legs, buttocks, and areas other skin folds. Use regular body butter is also able to overcome the problem of stretch marks.

For pregnant women, it is advisable to apply body butter on a regular basis, especially in the abdomen, waist, and thigh since the age of 3 months of pregnancy, to help prevent stretch marks due to pregnancy.

For maximum absorption, you should use immediately after bathing.


• Body milk. Can be equated with the body lotion, content and texture is similar. Savor and its use is the same.

• Body Cream. There is having concentrations between body lotion and body butter. Levels of moisturizer is also contains more than the body lotion. Body cream can overcome the problem of the thickened skin, or dry in its early stages is not too severe.

• Body Balm. More concentrated than the body butter. Usually contain very high levels of moisturizer, both to cope with the extreme dryness of skin or skin problems such as thickening and can be used for whole body (hair, lips and skin of the body).