Master Concealer

24 September 2011
Magical objects like ‘putty’ face interpreter is indeed a savior. One of two topical, acne blemishes, skin discolorations, and spots in the face no longer visible. But, use it does require expertise. It takes foresight also looking for color and type of concealer that fit with the skin condition. Read the complete trick in this article.

Form a pencil in hand which allows the application of unskilled ones. Suitable for normal or combination skin. Effective if the stain is not too thick and large. May be flattened with fingers. We recommend using a liquid foundation for the ‘putty’ disguised with fine.
Concealer Pencil – The Body Shop

Oily skin types usually large porous, which can make the results ‘putty’ uneven. The solution is on the content of pro concealer highlighting effects. The point, to balance oily skin that is not too shiny. Soft texture can be integrated in the skin, so stains and spots was disguised. Matching skin color is beige soft Asian women.
Pro Concealer – Shu Uemura

Dark eye bags that need special handling. Mineral oil and manganese violet efficacious brighten a dark skin and give effect to claw tursir line (crow’s feet) and smile lines. Apply concealer twice, before and after using the powder. 3-dimensional effect that magically makes direct eye bags disguised in an instant.
Touche Eclat Radiant Touch – YSL

If the stain face quite a lot of kinds, such as acne scars redness, spot dark chocolate, milk and brown spots, then you need a concealer palette. Three colors enough to make subtle color evenly. Yellow color to cover up red spots and acne, reddish-orange color to cover eye bags are darkened or if there are black, and beige color to brighten a dark stain.
Cover All Mix Concealer – Make up store

At least every woman should have one multifunction products. One spread is able to correct all kinds of blemishes and fine lines on the face. Select the color pink because it is suitable for Asian skin tones. If necessary, select which have technology Reflective Photo-Optic Light because it can help disguise fine wrinkles in the eye and the smile on the face without leaving a lumpy effect.
Ideal Light Brush-on Illuminator – Estee Lauder

Busy schedules often make you forget to touch up. When this is often the case, then all you need is a solid type of concealer and usually placed in the container. This species tends to be more durable. Select is also enriched with water-resistant formulation, texture is light, and when mixed with look natural. Suitable for the outdoor activity.
Well Defined Studio Sculpt Concealer – Mac

The more lightweight concealer texture, the average results ‘putty’ created. Not surprisingly, advanced concealer can also be counted on to you who do not want to bothered about makeup. Dior Skin Flash of technology of The Light-Booster Complex glowing skin effect, despite being tired though. Simply apply a thin layer of powder on top.
Skin Flash Radiance Booster Pen – Dior

Covering new acne need its own flair. Choose the type of concealer that also has a formulation for acne, such as tea tree oil, vitamin E, and allantoin. All three of these substances in addition to help dry up acne as well preventing the more inflamed, red hue as well as cover so that the skin was smooth.
Dual Skin Corrector – Oriflame

Creamy texture fit for dry skin. This species is easily flattened to disguise the dark shadows under the eye area. Substances called petrolatum useful yield so easily mixing creamy texture. Continue with colored powder coating for concealer last longer and look smooth evenly, greasing new powder compact.
Creamy Concealer Kit – Bobbi Brown

If your dark circles caused by stress, usually accompanied by the color purple tinge and there are small pockets. You need a concealer product that could provide a calming effect skin taut, and made of natural materials, such as botanical extracts, ginkgo biloba, bilberry, and cypress essential oils. The form is concealer, but the effects of natural compress similar results that help refresh the eyes.
Eye Concealer – Sisley Paris

Living in the humid tropics and have oily skin needs special concealer. Formula
Soft technology will not stick thanks to its Flex Comfort can give a sense of comfort in the skin all day. Acid Salicylic it helps disguise spots and black spot from the inside.
Colorstay Blemish Concealer – Revlon

Concealer to be photographed or video is different again. Now there is HD technology, which is a kind of substance that can disguise blemishes and uneven skin tones with a soft and smooth without gloss. Fit for a special event that will be immortalized in a wedding photo or video. It’s also for those working in the entertainment world.

Black circle accompanied by fine lines due to staying up late can be transformed so vague Light Diffusing Optics technology thanks to the efficacious brighten dark areas around the eyes. Creamy texture allows easy application by hand and also mingled with the foundation.

Airbrush Concealer – Clinique