My open mind..

09 June 2012

I wanna be heading to a place were there is peace, no more cry but laughter, were i feel complete don't feel stressed or need to rush, i wanna go to a place were we can sleep with less thoughts on our mind. I wanna go to a place were i can leave this Struggle behind.

I wanna be so pious that i dream the heaven gates, when i die Inshaallah i hope that God opens the gates

Let me walk in, Say Salaamu Alaikum To The Angels that worship him, Walk towards the sisters mentioned in Islam May the rest in peace. Bless them for their suffer towards Islam and their hardship. They put up with the times were the world was RAW! We got legislation and policies and government protecting us. Imagine Racism and more right in front of their door...

Yet they still stood up and held their head up high! Mashaallah that is a real Muslim no fear or doubt ready to fight for what is right.

Oh i would of asked god so many questions that the scientist can not speak off,Oh Allah show me, the unseen that was on the earth, how they lived, how they ate, how they put up with us?

Oh allah show me the first start of nature, show me how the world developed and changes and how it became what it was today.

How i would wish to know the pure history of todays industry.
wonder what goes through the scientists mind, that most of the population of mankind follow. .. I would of asked about Global warming and pollution what is the real excuse behind this. Why did we move away from our natural ways of living ..

Oh allah Subxana Wa talla, how i wish i could know everything, the reasons why you did what you did your decisions on everything, you are the greatest of all kind only you know everything.

Oh how i wish that you could maybe take me back to time and live for ten years in each prophets may they rest in peace, time

Experience being one of the first people doing hajj, sitting down and watching the Pharaohs as they marched. Maybe even wonder what is behind all the other religions and why they believe what they believe? see how they followed the prophets (RP)

See i got so much questions for you my Lord i don't know were to start. I wanna take a journey through the universe as i watch i wanna see how you created it , i really would accept death as a whole if you made me watch while you was doing this.

Oh i can just think so much about the beauty of Islam but can i really make it? I can write about it but can i really have it. The true religious path is a road i wanna take, i don't want it for a little while i wanna go through the proper way, Die and be happy to see the angels of death, no shame no nothing glad that i left duunya and know i shall enter my destination

How i wish for my ummah to join this path, I know its hard and i know that we still may be stuck in the fast lane of deception but you gotta slow things down and finnally agree on the acceptance of the sunnah way! I wanna learn how to change my ways!

So all of ma Muslims, remember everything that we do ! we should do it for Our Mighty Allah's Sake! hence why i preffer to be a loner now, because i have something better The Kitab and the better life, got new people who would wake me up and say Sofia wake up its Fajr time why do you not want this?

Come close , i swear we can do this... Heaven is only a little mile away, join this path and Ishaallah after the struggle you shall stay on this path! dont make it harder , then it already is don't think you smarter you just being stupid
i really thought back in the days i could get away and do this!

But do this lead me in a hole. Thank you for the Return ... I shall never fall again under Allah's deen come with me and see what i mean Amiin!