The essence of beauty

09 June 2012

Hey sis why you stressing?
take away the foundation
put away the lip gloss
you don't need a blusher
you don't need no nail polisher

now take away your head phones
get rid of your i pod
jump into the shower
don't for get to do wudu
now you feeling ok ... alright?
put on some decent clothes we gonna do a prayer tonight
she did not know what to say.. Until her little brother showed her the way he said it out loud and she was listening
after couple days she was pronouncing the right way
all by her own... She did not need no1 she prayed alone yet felt the umma

But even tho she was learning something was calling her...they asked her how do you feel.. She saying shes stressful
what do you need.. help me be forgetful
I dont wanna sit around and wait for a miracle
i gotta move...

pray a lit more.. i swear that after you accept mentally their nothing more you can adore.

so now shes accepting slowly is forgetting nasheeds are playing loud ... she speaks so quietly and wears clothes that she is proud about. head up high sister is starting to cry
she telling me..why

I tell her sister its the way of life..
never ever go back to the way i was
the sister was me and i was lacking in trust
i searched with in my self i searched in the material world
 had a lot of friends but for some reason there was more to this world i kept searching because i was lost. did not know were i stood in this world so i learned to accept lust!
Stuck in a dream but yet i am awake.. I am half asleep yet i am aware .. Untill i opened my eyes and now i feel alive
Liking Buzzing Bee So full of life
Like a Lady bird Calm and gentle
Like a Dolphine Happy and jolly
I Need to be more like an ant work harder then yesterday
need to be a spider and stay out of trouble's way
All the answers and examples are on this earth.. You need too know whats your purpose in this world.

beauty is the deen and nothing more
i dont need no make up wudu is what i adore ....
I dont need to search no more.
I now feel like i been complete I am saying to my self from now on i am only going to listen to nasheed
Alhamdulilah ALlah is the only merciful
gave me a chance and for that i shall never
go back to the way i was..

Beauty has been their ever since birth
i been a bit ignorant did not know what
the deen was worth :d Macha allah..